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Gator in Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville, FL

Gator in Pottsburg Creek

A Couple months ago while walking Charlie I heard that distinctive sound of  a gator going into the water, thud thud thud splash.  Then from the dock I could see its head in the water, it was no bigger than my hand, OK so I can continue to walk my beagle sown by the water with no fear.  Well maybe I should be scared again, I received a call from Kieth one of my neighbors that has a lovely 2nd floor view of the river to say there was a huge Gator in Pottsburg Creek.  He had swam right by the dock and went back into Little Pottsburg Creek.  I caught up with him on the bridge.

Gator in Little Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville. FL
This was taken from the Atlantic Blvd bridge over Little Pottsburg Creek.
Gator in Potsburg Creek2
I guesstimate his size between 6-7 feet, his head was little more than 2 buoys.
Gator in Potsburg Creek
First big gator I have seen in the Creek, did see a small maybe 3 foot one a couple months ago at night, but this fella was large and in charge.
Gator in Potsburg Creek6
This bird swooped in for a quick attack on the Gator swimming the Creek

Gator in Potsburg Creek3

Gator in Potsburg Creek5
Glad I was not in the Kayak when I saw this fellow.
So I have been taking A hard crash course in the good and the bad out there for

About Online Marketing .org

So I thought I would put this up as an update of what I have been doing lately.. and that a bunch of searching the interwebs for what is out there for Online Marketing… And also person to person marketing for a couple of weeks will leave that for the other site..

I have 5 sites up.. but been in a bit of a writers block especially for I have so far learned much of what I know from..

Most impressive is always having a community that you can bounce ideas off with the live chat

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Which is what most of the Systems to sell Systems are.  If you have ever searched for making money online it is a crazy competitive marked with scams galore out there.

Wealthy Affiliate will keep you off that track on to a subject that you can write or create for.  That is what will keep you off the roller coaster of trying to generate traffic, and get lured by shady folks.

 I have come across one system that I would like to promote.

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It is straight talk The set up nice so that you can jump into the make money online market with the most step by step training laid out in a systematic form.

I have been working the product for a week and having some good success.  It is all about implementation and of course the learning, just don’t get sucked into the SHINNY OBJECT syndrome.

If your interested in making some money with no work involved there are some sites out there for that,
What!  Who doesn’t like free $

I am also going to set up some other interesting easy money just surfing on in the next couple of days.

If you have not liked my stuff on Facebook or Google+ or YouTube please do..  I need to start making some money with this interweb thing before my fiance kicks me out..  I promise to only put stuff out there that I actually use and do myself and not the endless crap I come across and waste time with.



About Online Marketing .org                                                                                                    

Will add YouTube when I am not so tired, heck I have to Seo this yet, and need to walk an expressive Charlie dog.., He wants to go sleep with the boys

Hope you like something on this page and it finds you well!


And This Guy Can't get a J O B behind a bar somewhere in Jacksonville!
And This Guy Can’t get a J O B behind a bar somewhere in Jacksonville!

Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza Sign
If you have not seen Unity Plaza and the revitalization of this area of town it is worth checking out. Be a part of your community.

Did you miss the quiet opening of Unity Plaza or even been on that side of the river to see the new vibrant area?

Love the Concept of Unity Plaza

The mission statement is to have free community activities 365 days a year.  I heard that the Jacksonville Symphony was going to play and took my youngest son, I have never been able to get that close to an orchestra other than being in one but that is another story.

Jax Symphony at Unity Plaza
Jax Symphony at Unity Plaza

My son and I were laying on the fake grass and enjoying the sounds.  The Amphitheater design was perfect for this event.

IMG_0201So I have not looked into the prices of the apartments there but I did see folks enjoying the performance from their balconies. The Brooklyn Area Development is one of many shining examples of Jacksonville progressing to a forward thinking city and it brings more residential downtown.

Unity Plaza from across pond
If you have not seen Unity Plaza and the revitalization of this area of town it is worth checking out. Be a part of your community.

There are 2 Restaurants slated to be open soon.  There are daily yoga classes to partake in.

Daily Yoga at Unity Plaza

They have also had all kinds of classes from Coding for kids to Rhythm meditation. you can check out the upcoming events here

St. Johns River Mammals

Mayport jetties dolphin
These St. Johns River mammals were rounding up about 2-300 birds floating on the spanning the length of a football field at the Mayport Jetties,
River Mammals
These porpoise were probably eating fish below.
River porpoise
It sure did look like they really wanted to make all the birds fly out of the water.
River mammals
They kept me entertained while I waited for the Chinese Navy’s last ship to enter port.
Dolphin around to greet Chinese Navy, Mayport, FL
Dolphin around to greet Chinese Navy, Mayport, FL

Dolphin in the cove
These St.Johns River Mammals I have seen before, Taken at intersection of Little and Big Pottsburg Creek
River Dolphin2
I think this is the same family that visited the canoe on fathers day.
River Dolphin
St. Johns river has so much to offer if your only willing to look and pay attention and adventure a bit.
river dolphin4
These are the babies that were with the one above, this is why I think its the same group, usually you see 2 adults with 1 baby, this pod is 3 adults and 2 babies.
People and other River Mammals use the St. Johns River for many things, and People trash our river.
People and other River Mammals use the St. Johns River for many things, and People trash our river. Every little thing that fly’s out of your car ends up in our river.
Don't Trash Our River
This is for you son, He told me I should take a picture of that and tell people not to through your trash on the ground. Yeah unfortunately a lot of it ends up in our water ways. This was not the river but new Unity Plaza retention pond.