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Gator in Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville, FL

Gator in Pottsburg Creek

A Couple months ago while walking Charlie I heard that distinctive sound of  a gator going into the water, thud thud thud splash.  Then from the dock I could see its head in the water, it was no bigger than my hand, OK so I can continue to walk my beagle sown by the water with no fear.  Well maybe I should be scared again, I received a call from Kieth one of my neighbors that has a lovely 2nd floor view of the river to say there was a huge Gator in Pottsburg Creek.  He had swam right by the dock and went back into Little Pottsburg Creek.  I caught up with him on the bridge.

Gator in Little Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville. FL
This was taken from the Atlantic Blvd bridge over Little Pottsburg Creek.
Gator in Potsburg Creek2
I guesstimate his size between 6-7 feet, his head was little more than 2 buoys.
Gator in Potsburg Creek
First big gator I have seen in the Creek, did see a small maybe 3 foot one a couple months ago at night, but this fella was large and in charge.
Gator in Potsburg Creek6
This bird swooped in for a quick attack on the Gator swimming the Creek

Gator in Potsburg Creek3

Gator in Potsburg Creek5
Glad I was not in the Kayak when I saw this fellow.
So I have been taking A hard crash course in the good and the bad out there for

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I am also going to set up some other interesting easy money just surfing on in the next couple of days.

If you have not liked my stuff on Facebook or Google+ or YouTube please do..  I need to start making some money with this interweb thing before my fiance kicks me out..  I promise to only put stuff out there that I actually use and do myself and not the endless crap I come across and waste time with.



About Online Marketing .org                                                                                                    

Will add YouTube when I am not so tired, heck I have to Seo this yet, and need to walk an expressive Charlie dog.., He wants to go sleep with the boys

Hope you like something on this page and it finds you well!


And This Guy Can't get a J O B behind a bar somewhere in Jacksonville!
And This Guy Can’t get a J O B behind a bar somewhere in Jacksonville!

Great Day of Kayaking

Was a pretty day for a kayak trip, my fiance and Grandma Carol joined.  We left the Beach Blvd boat ramp on Pottsburg Creek at 8:40am.  The water was like glass the first bit of our trip, I love the look of still water.  Quite a few birds in the early part of the trip, and my fiance discovered an eagle’s nest, I will have to keep an eye on that maybe we will see some chicks.  I was down on the dock last week, without my camera of course, an eagle was determined to make this osprey drop its fish, the osprey won, and eventually got away with its catch.  We went under bridges at Beach Blvd, Atlantic Blvd, Cesery Blvd and University Blvd in Jacksonville, FL.  Carol had never been to Exchange Club Island so we stopped by there for a  quick stop, then headed back to the condo dock.  Perfect weather for the trip we finished up around 12:30pm for a nice 4 hour trip. IMG_1667 IMG_1671 IMG_1673 IMG_1677 IMG_1680 IMG_1684 IMG_1695 IMG_1702 IMG_1705 IMG_1716 IMG_1718 IMG_1741 IMG_1743 IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1773 IMG_1775

Kayaking with the Statue of Liberty
My Fiance with Lady Liberty on Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville, FL
Kayaking with Statue of Liberty
Was great to have Grandma Carol kayaking with us today, she has nice quick kayaks.

IMG_1784IMG_1671Enjoying the veiwEagle guarding nest

IMG_1785 IMG_1787 IMG_1799

Quick drink in the sun Racoons
Was surprised to see 7-8 Racoons run out for a quick drink at Noon on the Solstice.

Just getting my site up, Much more to come.

I grew up in the Arlington Road area of Jacksonville, FL and played along a creek that runs into Silversmith creek on out to Pottsburg Creek then to the Arlington River and to the St. Johns.  I wish that I would have been in love with the water then as much as I am now.  I am looking forward to posting as many pictures as I can collect this season of the Dolphin and Manatee that frequent this area.