Gator in Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville, FL

Gator in Pottsburg Creek

A Couple months ago while walking Charlie I heard that distinctive sound of  a gator going into the water, thud thud thud splash.  Then from the dock I could see its head in the water, it was no bigger than my hand, OK so I can continue to walk my beagle sown by the water with no fear.  Well maybe I should be scared again, I received a call from Kieth one of my neighbors that has a lovely 2nd floor view of the river to say there was a huge Gator in Pottsburg Creek.  He had swam right by the dock and went back into Little Pottsburg Creek.  I caught up with him on the bridge.

Gator in Little Pottsburg Creek Jacksonville. FL
This was taken from the Atlantic Blvd bridge over Little Pottsburg Creek.
Gator in Potsburg Creek2
I guesstimate his size between 6-7 feet, his head was little more than 2 buoys.
Gator in Potsburg Creek
First big gator I have seen in the Creek, did see a small maybe 3 foot one a couple months ago at night, but this fella was large and in charge.
Gator in Potsburg Creek6
This bird swooped in for a quick attack on the Gator swimming the Creek

Gator in Potsburg Creek3

Gator in Potsburg Creek5
Glad I was not in the Kayak when I saw this fellow.

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