Going to One Spark?

One Spark Main Street Bridge
One Spark Main Street Bridge

If your heading out to One Spark this weekend things you will need to think about.

First of all plan on spending some time out there.   With so much to see and do I would recommend planning on spending 4-6 hours to really enjoy it all.

Man in Motion1

That is just a snippet of the kind of street performing that is going on and there are stages a plenty, so be sure you pick up a schedule and plan accordingly.  Seems there is more in the evening Thursday and Friday.  Mosey and enjoy, not only are some of the ideas and concepts intriguing but there is a street party atmosphere about it all.

Bring Cash!  There are more places for refreshments this year but I did notice that some where not taking credit.  Seems that the amount of food trucks is up, and to think I was almost one of them.

Go Hungry!  Bring an appetite, and eat before you leave.  There are some top end and low end spectrum food selections.  If you can’t find places you want to try your not a foodie.  Look for lines, it is usually a sign that its worth the wait.

If your a drinker be sure to bring cash it was 50/50 on the out door bar scene at 1 Spark.  Grab drinks when lines are small, not sure I will go over the weekend, but when your at a quarter beverage its time to get in line.  If your a liquor drinker find a bar you like tip well and you should get taken care of.  Please be careful and have a designated driver.

Plan your parking.  It will take time getting to the event unless you want to pay for parking.  The streets are all blocked off for One Spark  which creates bottlenecks on other parts of downtown.  Not to mention the extra amount of pedestrian traffic heading in to the Event.  I recommend parking at the School board building and riding the Sky Way there its a short little walk.  Then on the way back walk over the Main Street Bridge and down the refurbished River Walk and enjoy our River City.

Have fun!

Calley Sprague

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