Things to do in Jax

The First Wednesday of the month offers a chance to go downtown and experience some of the nightlife and art scene of Jacksonville with Art Walk.

Hemming Plaza for art walk, great place to get some decorations.
Hemming Plaza for art walk, great place to get some decorations.

Art walk has really grown over the years, and is now an event it seems for old and young alike.  There are plenty of vendors of both food and drink actually in Hemming Plaza but the number of Downtown Jacksonville restaurants and bars has really increased.  Downtown is good for a stroll the Sky Way now being free and having full time JSO Security offers the ability to enjoy both sides of the river without having to move your car.

Sky way is always a nice ride around downtown.
Sky way is always a nice ride around downtown.

I am now working at Zodiac Bar & Grille on Adams St, a block off of Hemming Plaza.  I have been working downtown for a couple months now and its good to see the atmospher changing in  Downtown Jacksonville, it’s getting a night life.  At Zodiac we bring in a belly dancer for Art Walk

Belly Dancer Hair
Entertaining and Delightful Belly Dancer at Zodiac Bar & Grille, Jacksonville. FL during Art Walk

People watching is one of my favorite things to do and Art walk offers lots of that.  There is still, as in any big city, a homeless presence Downtown but there is enough Jacksonville Sheriff Office around that there is no issue.  Never know who you might run into, Art Walk is like a little One Spark every month, this was a cute moment outside of the new Candy Apple Restaurant and candy store.

Was a funny moment between strangers.
Was a funny moment between strangers.
Cross Dressers
These Men are ready to Party, they were in full glory.

Art Walk is also a great place to find some new decorations for yourself or a friend.  There is sculpture, painting, woodwork, and jewelry to choose from, and the amount of artest that are coming out continues to grow.  The artist below I went to High School with
Some of Leilani's art, just a sample of some of the selection at art walk
Some of Leilani’s art, just a sample of some of the selection at art walk

So wear some walking shoes and venture out into Downtown Jacksonville, I grew up in this town graduated High school and, moved and swore I would never come back, I worked in downtown Orlando for years and lived there a couple, I thought Jacksonville would never catch up, but in the past 10 years there really is a Jacksonville Downtown Scene that has developed.  Now that has plenty to do with the amount of housing increase that the area has seen, but it is good to see companies investing in our downtown structure.  Another 20 years and Downtown will be a bustling place day and night.

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